Monday, July 23, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 30

qube qal30
SQUEAL! we’re at block #30!!
This is another simple one, and not it’s not the same as the alternate #1, this one is a small block, #1 was a BIG block. This block is 3/4 sized friendship star block.
It uses dies #2 and #5 and fabrics C and E
with the two fabrics cut out (4) each with die #5
with fabric C cut out (1) and with fabric E cut out (4) with die #2 ( I cut out one extra (actually I think I used that for #29 as I cut 5 blocks out at a time and my little one got into the pieces at some point so I found the extra one for the center of the block…I know you can’t do that, unless you are behind and playing catch up Smile
Sew the HSTs together like this and iron seams open
then treat the block like a nine patch and sew together rows first
Then sew the block together and still iron the seams open
Here’s my 4 blocks together.
BTW it’s no big deal if you points go clockwise instead of counter clockwise.
QAL QUBE blocks
as I mentioned above I cut out 5 blocks at a time before taking pictures and now with so many blocks done the 12” version doesn’t fit on my wall anymore and I want to sort of be surprised when the blocks are done for the center of the quilt after 38 blocks!
So here’s the 26-30 blocks with the 6” qube
QAL QUBE blocks
8” version
QAL QUBE blocks
9” version
QAL QUBE blocks
and 12” version
QAL QUBE blocks
We’re so close to the end? well 8 blocks!
You wanna know how far ahead I am? (it’s mid April now when I’m scheduling this post ahead of time!) ha ha that’s the benefit of being the hostess Winking smile

Here’s the blocks from last week’s participants
29shellyk29ann29 michellew29carolyn29maryp29senta29pamelas29diane129diane229pamela29melanie29sheryl29carolp29connie29karen29margaret

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