Monday, July 16, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 29

qube qal29
This week’s block is SUPER easy, it’s called a “double irish chain” and it’s 1 1/4 sized
and it uses just die #2 and 3 fabrics, A, D and E
Cut out (8) with A
(9) with D
and (8) with E
(Or you can use the center square from a leftover square if you have that from an earlier block?
I used a leftover square for the center, then laid out the squares how I wanted them in the block, since the other fabrics now each have 8 squares, plus the center block, or you could be a total rebel and have 4 of one fabric and then add in a 5th fabric too if the center is another fabric too, then you’d use all 5 fabrics! Winking smile
If you want to, take a picture with your phone for reference before sewing it together.
I started sewing everything together by twos like this.
Iron the seams open!
then sew together into rows like this (or columns)
Then sew the block together like this!
qube QAL block 29
and here’s all 4 together, I used directional fabrics on the 8 and 12” qube versions, so I had to make sure the fabrics were turning the right way, but that’s no problem with simple squares like this!
qube QAL block 29 all
Have fun!

Here’s the blocks from last week

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Kathleen Manoff said...

These are beautiful. I just found your website so haven't started making the Blocks yet. I do have a ways to catch up.
Thank you very much kathy