Monday, July 9, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 28

qube qal block28
This week’s block is pretty simple and fun and is a full sized block 1:1 made with both the qube and the angles set (I do have a HST version as the alternate at the bottom of the post)
For this block you’ll need dies #5 and #16 and fabrics B and D
cut out (4) of each fabric with each die. EASY!
-I don’t recommend using a directional fabric.
Then sew the small #5 triangle to the short angled side of the #16 parallelogram shapes in opposite colors of course! iron the seams open
Then sew (4) sets of opposite sets together to make a square block like this.
The block layout is supposed to look like this
But you could switch it and have it like this, there will just be more bulk in the middle, but not too bad.
Sew the block together like this
I really don’t like this plaid and should have switched it out, the #16 is going at an angle but the corner triangles are straight, so to me it looks a bit odd, but oh well, it’s a funky quilt!
Here’s my 4 blocks together, I chose to show how it would look different with the 9” version.
Here’s the alternate version, you can make the paralellogram out of 3 HSTs instead, so it’s a lot of seams but the block will look the same at the end Smile
-that’s (16) of #5 of each fabric!
qube qal28ALT
Have fun!

Here’s blocks from last week’s participants

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