Monday, July 2, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 27

qube qal27
This block is a 3/4 block and it’s a fun and somewhat simple one, though there will be a partial seam, that’s a bit tricky with especially the small 6” QUBE set, but not THAT hard Winking smile
You’ll use fabrics A, C and D and dies #2 and #8
Cut out (1) #2 square with fabric A (or if you have a leftover square somewhere, use that, just not fabrics C or D
Then cut out (2) each of #8 with fabric C and D
Lay out the block like this so you know which way the logs are turning around the center square
Then lay the top rectangle on top of the square where they are lining up on the left and straight with the top, then sew about half way across that (at least 3/4” or so)
This is what it looks like from the bottom
If you open it up it looks like this
carefully iron that part of the seam OPEN
Now on the left side you can add the other opposite rectangle and sew it all the way down and iron the seams open.IMG_20180409_094321563_HDR
Then add the 3rd rectangle
after you add the 4th rectangle, then you can add the rest of the first rectangle to finish the block,
I started sewing at the midpoint where I had stopped and went to the edge
and still iron the seams open like this
Here’s the completed block
and 4 of them together, on the 8” version I used 4 different fabrics for the rectangles and cut two vertically so the direction would be right.
on the 12” version I used directional fabrics too and just paid attention to the direction when I sewed the block together
Have fun!

Here’s blocks from last week’s participants

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