Tuesday, June 12, 2018

School’s out!


The girls finished school last Friday!

The last week is kind of pointless but then they throw in fun days like field days and a lip sync battle and awards ceremonies

The lip sync battle, Solveig wanted to act out “anything you can do”

Don’t think it’s quite the right video, but it’s a FUN song and her and Sonja have sung a duet often together with this song, but here it was JUST Solveig and she wore a ladies hat and a man’s cap and flipped the hats around when each person sang, she just showed me the song and I thought it was great, but at school she didn’t win (obviously some kids had practiced a lot and it also depended on popularity!)

At the award ceremony she got a bunch of awards (I’ll quote Mr Incredible and say “minor scholastic achievements! well some are good, but others are kind of bogus) but we’re still very proud of her!


A honor roll for the year!

She also got a science award from the science teacher for being the best girl in science (one boy and one girl)


there were others too, but again, Solveig does her work and doesn’t really care about the bogus awards…

Then mid week last week, Anja fell down our stairs, she was on a scooter thing upstairs and KNOWS to stop before the steps but she was wearing a necklace and it got tangled on the handlebars, so she and the scooter went tumbling down to the landing and she got a HUGE goose egg.

I almost took her to urgent care/ emergency room, but just watched her and tried to keep her awake for at least an hour (of course it was her NAP time) she was fine


Now it’s just a bruise…. at least her bangs cover it up!


I’ve been staying busy with a few secret projects which are now DONE!

and hubby is taking this week off….


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My sons were never impressed with most of the awards that were handed out, since they were more like participation awards. My oldest would somehow get a goose egg almost every week, when he was a toddler. Glad she's ok now.

Brenda / Songbird Designs said...

I agree - a lot of those awards are just bogus - to make some of the children feel better about themselves. I'm so glad Anja is ok. Falls can be so scary. One of my twin grandsons (the GRACEFUL(not!) one) fell at church the first day they went from toddlers up to children's church and his head looked much like Anja's. As long as that goose egg comes outward and not inward, they are usually ok. Glad you kept her awake for a while though! You can't be too safe! Have a wonderful week with your family!