Tuesday, June 5, 2018

red wallet is saved

Remember a while ago I said I messed up on this ITH wallet/purse. well later in the day I mentioned it to the kids and Sonja said she wanted it, she doesn’t care that the seam is exposed inside the zippered pocket, so I dug it out of the trash and finished it!
ITH purse
ITH purse
and in case you are not friends with me on FB, you might not know our recent big purchase- a NEW sequioa for me!! (well used, but new to me)
The old one had over 210k miles on it and is just getting quirky.
Over Memorial weekend (Saturday) we drove all the way to Asheville (4hrs) to get this from a private seller and then 4hrs back again.
It was kind of funny on the way home from there, still in the mountains but on a busy highway I was driving 70 –speed limit WAS 70! and this little smart car comes flying by me and the vanity plate said –pwrwheels or something like that, I just thought it was funny!
I’ve been busy with secret projects. One here uses the 1 1/2” square die by accuquilt!
1.5in square accuquilt
and I also got a shipment of FQs from Northcott fabrics for the row along, I’m part of again this year.
Then in the middle of all this, Anja messed up my scrap bins and I decided to sort them the other day and I then decided to cut just random pieces for the rainbow block of the month, of course I go overboard!
I cut out sets of the flowering snowball die
flowering snowball accuquilt
a bunch of isosceles triangles
iscosceles triangles accuquilt
and a bunch of tumblers
accuquilt tumbler die
I also cut out some half hexies in small and large but then I had to stop as I got this shipment of FQs from Robert Kaufman (terrarium) for another secret project! (which is ALMOST DONE!)
robert kaufman terrarium
The girls are done with school on the 8th (Bjorn is already done)

BTW I’m scheduling my posts often ahead of time, and ever since the new GDPR has gone into effect, I haven’t gotten emails when people comment on my posts here, so be patient, I know they are working on it…


Carol S. said...

Your "new to you" car looks great and will hopefully give you lots of miles of adventures! That's a beautiful bundle of Robert Kaufman...fun!

Vicki in MN said...

Looking forward to seeing your secret projects! New vehicles are always fun :)

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Looks like you are busy, busy Bea! Congrats on the new vehicle!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm catching up on 2 weeks of blog reading, sorry. I'll comment on all of them here (especially since blogger isn't sending our comments to our email at the moment). Great log cabin quilt you quilted (both his quilt and your quilting). Great birthday/citizenship quilt! Sorry about the quilting problems. Some quilts just won't be happy. Enjoy your new ride!

Michele said...

It looks like you've got plenty to keep you busy.

Carla said...

Busy girl and a new car to you. Looks nice. Wonder if the smartcar driver was a quilter. You said pinwheels and I think quilt block. LOL
I know what you mean about the lack of notification emails letting us know when we have a comment. I hope they fix that soon