Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pincushion swap sign up

It’s that time again!

Another great round of Pincushion swaps is near the end.

so I’m opening up the swap again for another round!!

Each swap lasts 3 months and all you have to do is make and mail one pincushion a month to another person (most likely one international per round) and you get one in return each month from someone else too!

It’s a lot of fun! it’s like Christmas each time you get a squishy package in the mail!!

Here’s some fun ones from this round

and there’s more here

If you’d like to join EMAIL me, as blogger has not fixed the GDPR thing yet, I’m not getting any emails when people comment, I can see them on my blog but I can’t reply, it’s very frustrating.

anyways, just EMAIL me and I’ll send you a few questions to fill out and send back and the next round will be July, August and September!


tubakk said...

Me, me yeah. A surprise for you? I can read from many bloggers today that there's a solution for the comment problem. Hope you find out.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I can't get in my sewing room for the month of July, so, I'm out. Go to your settings, and delete your email address. Hit 'save settings' and get out. Then go back to your blog and settings, then re-enter your email address. You'll shortly get an email from Google, saying that you've been given permissions on the blog, but, you have to click on the link at the bottom to accept. Once you've clicked the link, you should start getting emails in your inbox again. It worked for me, and it's worked for other bloggers (where I found out about this).