Thursday, June 7, 2018

One thing leads to another

After finishing piecing 2 secret quilts for Accuquilt, I decided to clean out my sewing machine and bobbin area and I found TWO dust bunnies!


Good thing I got them NOW or they would have procreated and made more!!

I then started organizing my quilt piles and put some more up for sale on my FB page and etsy. ( I have no luck selling my quilts btw, but worth a shot I guess) and while I was sorting quilts, I also looked at my books and someone on FB had made a bargello quilt (I think Connie did too recently!) I got out a book and found an idea with jelly rolls, so then I found this leftover pack of strips called Mountains Majesty by Island Batik.

Remember this other puzzle jelly roll quilt I made recently?

I still had half a pack left so 16 strips!!

I laid them out in color order and also tried to have the first and last be close together


looks good even in B/W


the book did a tube method of making a bargello and it used more strips in the same color, but I used the basic idea and went to work sewing them together


and sewed more


and more


and then I made the tube (with all seams ironed OPEN btw!


Then I cut into different widths, from 1 1/4” to 2” and tried to make “mountains” bargello style


So each mountain had 5 strips and the widest is in the middle and then there’s a skinny one between the mountains too


I was able to cut enough for 4 mountains and space between, I could possibly have cut more but I knew with 16 strips it would be 32” tall so I wanted the width to be shorter and then add borders


And I found a sort of white/light blue for the inner border and a tree blue/green print for the outer border that matched well, maybe from last year’s Island Batik box?!

bargello quilt batik

It now measures about 33” x 38” and I had enough of the tree print for the binding.

So it will go in the pile for tops waiting to be quilted!!

I think I forgot to show these goodies I got from Connecting threads last week, a ruler work quilting idea book, some needles (wrong size but oh well) and glue stick for EPP. and now they have another sale!! SIGH…

oh and I got some solid white and solid blue too!



Vicki in MN said...

You did really good on your bargello!

Jackie OBrien said...


ShirleyC said...

That's neat! I've always wondered about the method.

Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

I love the way your bargello quilt came out and your "dust bunnies" made me laugh. Have a fabulous day!

Ariane said...

That’s a great little quilt!

Brenda / Songbird Designs said...

Great job on your bargello! It looks great! I've made one - (probably) my first and last!! LOL

Barb said...