Friday, June 15, 2018

Mid Month Potholders

midmonth potholders

This week’s potholders use the QUBE set and the 1 1/2” new square die from Accuquilt

Now my initial plan was to use the 6” QUBE set with the squares in the middle


But if you use the 8” QUBE set the center will be a bit different


The 9” qube set would work too but then don’t use the 1 1/2” squares at all, just make an uneven nine patch.

With the 12” qube, use just the 3 1/2” squares and make a nine patch with possibly the 1 1/2” squares (nine patch) in the middle too.

I couldn’t make up my mind on which set I should make so I decided on BOTH!

At first I started with some FQs, a black, pink and white print


For the 6” and 8” QUBE versions I used shapes #2 and #8 and the 1 1/2” squares die.


For the 8” version, I used die #2 and cut out (8) of white AND black and (4) in pink. To make 4 blocks- 2 potholders with front and back the same Smile


Then with die #8 I cut out (16) in pink and actually 2 more for hanging tags- which I folded in half and then folded to the middle and folded in half (like binding sort of)


Then with the 1 1/2” squares I cut out 24 of each black and white fabrics


For the 6” version I had to get another fabric and added a green


Then because this one just has a 9patch in the middle I used the 1 1/2” squares again and cut out 16 of white and black and 4 in pink


And for the corner squares I used die #2 from the 6” qube set of course and cut out 16 in black and I cut out 2 larger rectangles for hanging tags too


Now to the sewing, for the 6” version I just sewed a small nine patch from the 1 1/2” squares like this



Then sewed them together like this (4 sets)


then I added the rectangles and corner squares


and here’s the completed blocks


with the 8” version I sewed first white and black 1 1/2” squares together like this (16 sets)


Then sewed them together to the center pink square, having them be opposite, and the sides are from 4 small squares


Then sewed the middle together like this


Then because the middle had off colored mini squares I did the same with the corner squares on the outside


and here’s the blocks all done


Then I cut out batting and insulbright to fit the potholders (2 of each)


and with black Quilt + thread from Coats, I top stitched the blocks to the batting


Then I trimmed the batting


I added the hanging ties and sewed them together right sides together with and opening at the bottom, then turned right side out and top stitched near the edge all the way around


Now the 6” version potholders are really SMALL, they are cute, but probably too small, so for now I gave them to the girls to use in their play kitchen Smile

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Girls need pretty things in their play kitchens, too. I'll bet they love them.