Wednesday, June 20, 2018

GO round Robin

I can finally reveal what’s been in the works for almost a year!

An Accuquilt Round Robin!

Last July I did a call out for anyone who owns a GO and dies if they want to join a “planned” round robin

I had designed this in EQ and both sketches are the same but one shows blocks, the other shows just rounds. The concept is the same.

Each person makes a center block (in this case it was a 12 1/2” center block) then sends it off to the next person who add another round, here it was a 3 1/2” round or 3 1/2” blocks, then 6 1/2” and so on.

It’s 56” x 68” at the end ( 56 1/2 x 68 1/2”)

round robin 56x68 blocksround robin 56x68

It was great fun!

Here’s my center block I sent off and didn’t get back until recently.

round robincenterbea

and this is what I got back!


The flying geese didn’t go all the way to the edges, so I had to take them off and I re-measured the top and decided to just add simple borders on it with fabrics that were with the quilt- even enough of the dark blue for binding!

It now measures 62” x 68” and I LOVE it!


Along the way, we all posted TEASERS in the fb group like these

round robintease3roundrobinteaseroundrobintease2

as you can see the themes and colors are so different, as it was up to the original owner to tell us all what “theme” or colors they wanted and some even added extra scraps to the bundle and they got sent with the top each time.

I don’t know if I have pictures of all the quilt

but it was fun to be part of and see the quilts grow.

round robin6round robin9

It was a learning experience for everyone, because this was “planned” with certain size requirements, it didn’t always match when it got to the next person, but I think we all made the best of it.

Look how great this one turned out!

round robin7round robin5round robin10round robin11

Round robin2round robin3round robin4round robin8

round robin12

This quilt is all the way done!

Round Robin

So as you can see, the quilts can change a LOT, it’s always fun to see the end results!

So I’m opening it up for another ROUND!

For US only due to postage- at the end it gets really heavy!

I don’t know how many rounds there will be, it all depends on the number of people who sign up!

It will be “sort of planned” again with rules as to where you add your rounds or rows, but no size rules. It MUST use Accuquilt dies (though strips you can rotary cut if you don’t have the strip dies)


Please EMAIL me, as blogger still doesn’t send me comments on my blog since the new GDPR ruling/law. so please just email me Smile

I’ll close the sign ups on July 1st and then we’ll start by having the center block sent out before Sept. 1st and it’ll continue monthly!

Please don’t sign up if you are too busy or think you can’t make the deadlines, I know life happens, but it’s important to be on time with these.

but the more the merrier!!


Elisabeth Fox said...

Great post! Love seeing our hard work on display.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great quilts! I did a round robin with my little quilt guild, over a decade ago. Loved it. I don't have an Accu, so, can't participate. Wish they were still giving them out to luck bloggers, who'd blog about them.

Christine Kackman said...

I think I have to pass on this one, I have my own border quilt to finish and I am terrible about mailing things on time. It is a great idea, maybe another time...have to have a knee replacement as well! Am so impressed with all the publications you have been in and the patterns and quilts you have developed. What a talent!!

Thanks for the opportunity! Will be following you! Chris

Michele said...

It's fun to see how round robins turn out in the end. I like the way your's did.