Friday, June 22, 2018

EQ Lessons and Accuquilt fun

It’s funny, I have several online friends and most I’ve never met.

and sometimes we chat on PM or email back and forth.

One lady who’s a new friend is Dale, she joined the Accuquilt FB group and I talked her into the QUBE set and she’s also bought other dies, then later we talked about EQ8 and she got that too!

We had originally planned for her to come from SC to NC and come see me for Accuquilt lessons, but now with EQ8 we did that mostly instead.

So anyways, back and forth with plans and messages, she had another appointment in Raleigh and we decided to have lessons here on Wedneday (of course I forgot to take pictures!)

But then we also met Thursday at Elegant Stitches in Cary, NC (I got some cute care bear fabric for possibly a dress for one of the girls- Sonja sort of claimed it)and then we had lunch together


we got the waitress to take a picture Smile


I’m sure we’ll text back and forth too, talking personal stuff or EQ or Accuquilt Winking smile

Dale was a great student and I hope I answered some of her questions, and probably made her have a ton more now- that’s what happens with EQ, you discover new stuff all the time!

She brought me a Rose of sharon die (one I DIDN’t have! ha ha)

and I had made these two pincushions for her the day before she came here.

pincushion purse and enter your pin

pincushion purse and enter your pin

On another note, I got a shipment of fabrics from Connecting threads the other day, here’s a nice Christmas bundle (I also got a charm pack) and one of these I’ll use for the Christmas blog hop coming up soon!


and this Goldilocks bundle is really cute too


and this yellow and blue bundle that’s really cute too!

I have a problem with FQs now, I had to reorganize my fabric shelves and designate a shelf to precuts!)


I also got another charm pack and decided to cut them all into 1 1/4” strips and sew them together


into blocks like this


and I ended up with this, but I don’t like it one bit! some seams are crooked and not flat…. hmm, so I don’t know if I should put it on the shelf and forget about it for a bit, or stomp on it and toss it or what…

Then again this charm pack cost maybe $2-3 so not a big loss.


Oh, I also got two quilts back from Island Batik after being at their booth at market and then touring around as trunk show quilts for a year.

(The top one is made using FQs and the Churn dash Accuquilt die) both I have patterns for Smile



Vicki in MN said...

It's so fun to meet people in person after being online buds!
So the little quilt you don't about sending it to that gal in WI that collects the dolls quilts for kids with disabilities.

Kathleen said...

Looks like a lovely meeting with an online friend. I need to up my game with my sizzix and patterns, but not near it for the summer, so a fall or new year project.....the list gets longer each day.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love to meet up with bloggy friends. I've been lucky enough to do this several times. If you don't like that mini, then turn it into a doll quilt for one of your girls.