Monday, June 25, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 26

qube qal26
Block #26 is a big one it’s 1.5 sized and uses the QUBE and the companion angles set
It’s called an Arkansas snowflake (don’t ask me why or where that name came from, I just know the name from EQ)
You’ll need dies #1 and #4 and #13 and #14 from the angles set.
then fabrics B,C and E
With fabric C cut out (4) of #1 and (4)right side UP and (4)right side DOWN of die #14 (works well to fold the fabric, then you get half of each.
With fabrics B and E cut out (2) EACH of #13 and (2) each of #4 (I know that most of the die sets have #4 as a big square cut diagonally twice, just put the two extra pieces aside for later, we might use them or we might not…
start by sewing the #14 triangles to the sides of the #13 triangles, iron the seams open! and also sew two sets of #4 triangles together- to make a QST block
Finish the triangle in a square blocks and the center QST block
I laid out the pieces are started sewing together rows
Then sew the block together
like this, still ironing the seams OPEN!
QUBE QAL block 25
Here’s the 4 versions together
the 12” qube version is HUGE (18 1/2”)
notice the 9” version- top right, I used a directional fabric so with the #4 cut outs I removed the two side pieces so the fabric would be facing the same direction in the block.
QUBE QAL block 25
here’s the alternate block
qube qal26ALT

and here’s the blocks from last week’s participants
Have fun!

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