Monday, June 18, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 25

qube qal block25
This week’s block is a bear claw block and it’s 3/4 sized.
It uses dies #1, #2 and #5 and fabrics A and D
With fabric A and D cut out (4) each with die #5
with fabric D cut out (1) with die #1
and with fabric A cut out (1) with die #2 ( I know it’s kind of odd on most dies, either trim to fit over just one or just cover half the set and put the extra cut out aside for another time)
sew the 4 sets of HSTs together and iron the seams open
Then sew them together in sets of 2 like this- sometimes it helps to lay out the block pieces to see how the pieces are laid out
Sew one small square to the left top of the claw pieces, and the large square to the right of the other two claw pieces, making sure they are turning the right way.
Then sew the block together like this, if you used directional fabrics and the direction is the other way, then turn the whole block the other way, it doesn’t matter which way it turns.
qube qal block 25 bear claw
Here’s my 4 blocks together, with the 12” qube version, I thought I had enough of the dark brown for the large square, but I didn’t so I cut a different brown, again it doesn’t matter! – do I say that enough??
qube qal block 25 bear claws
Here’s my blue 6” qube QAL blocks so far
qube qal block 25 blocks
and my really funky 8” version
qube qal block 25 blocks
and the 9” version
qube qal block 25 blocks
the 12” version is so big, I didn’t stick it on the wall this time.

I wanted to also tell you, as I get requests quite often when people join, they ask how much it costs to join, NOTHING, it’s FREE, I just do it for fun.
But if you click on the Accuquilt links thru my site and order something I get a small percentage of the sale as a commission because I’m an affiliate. (But there hasn’t been much action since Joann’s starting having dies on sale)
I did also this week add a Paypal ME button the side, if you feel like donating anything at any time Winking smile
My intentions are not to charge for this QAL at all, it’s just fun and I love Accuquilt and their products!

Here’s the blocks from participants last week
24joanElight24carolync24maryp23pamelas24cat24eva24carolyn24geraldine24sheryl24pamelas24michelle24suemc24donna24connie24sentajoan24B24joan224judi24pamela24carol24margaret24 carol24diane248910pamela242sandi

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