Monday, June 4, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 23

qal block23x2

after last week’s hard block, it’s time for an easy block (x2)

This blocks is JUST a HST (large) x 2 and this block is 1/2 sized.

You’ll need die #3 and fabrics D and E or leftovers if you want.

Cut out (2) of each fabric – so once on the die. easy peasy!


I had some left over from block 19 so for my 8” version I used those and others. No big deal..


iron the seams OPEN after sewing them together


sew the two blocks together, having E on upper right and D on bottom left, but really it doesn’t matter.

Do I say that too much? I mean it Smile

This quilt is going to be FUNKY so some fabrics are going to touch each other and it’s going to look wild but fun!


Here’s my 4 sizes together


Have fun!

Here’s blocks from last week’s participants, including NEW participants who quickly caught up!



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