Thursday, May 10, 2018

Yellow brick road batik quilt is done

I finally got around to quilting this yellow brick road baby quilt where I had used FQs from Island Batik!yellow brick road quilt island batik clamshell quilting
Since I quilted last time with a clamshell template and variegated thread, I found that it was threaded all wrong so I wanted to try again and this time I picked the 4” clam shell (I think) and it went surprisingly fast, but it was hard to make sure it was straight as the block pieces are so big.
yellow brick road quilt island batik clamshell quilting
But overall, I’m happy with it and the variegated thread is so faint but adds a nice interest to the quilt
yellow brick road quilt island batik clamshell quiltingyellow brick road quilt island batik clamshell quilting
I used a solid pink for the back and binding
I used a pack of 100% cotton Warm batting, it’s super soft!!
The quilt will go in the donation pile, it could go for a baby girl quilt, right? or is it more like a grown up lap quilt/wheel chair quilt?


QuiltShopGal said...

Really cheerful quilt and the clamshell motif works well with it. #CreativeGoodness

Vicki in MN said...

For sure it could be a baby girl quilt-I like the clamshells on it.

Kathleen said...

What a sweet dontion quilt! Curious about the size and how long it to took to do those clamshells. Haven’t done that dense a pattern yet with rulers, so it would be nice to have a guess. Would you have been better off with some lines for registration? Mine would like that bat done’t know whether it would be a big help or not?