Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mid Month Potholders- bowties

midmonth potholders

I’m sure you’ve seen the new bowtie dies from accuquilt, or rather the updated Companion corners sets!

GO! Qube 8" Companion Set-Corners (55785)

At first I was playing in EQ with the bowtie block to see what I’d come up with. The 6” QUBE set, makes 3” bow ties, so a 3 x 3 layout would be 9” finished.

bowtie3 in9in

if it’s a 2x2 layout and then a border it would be 8” or so –depending on the border size

with a 8” set (4” bowties) and a 2x2 layout, would be 8” without a border or more with a border.

With the 9” set, it would be 9” without a border.

with the 12” I’d probably just make one bow tie and add a border

bowtie3 in8in

I decided on this layout with the 6” set and adding a border.

I decided to make 4 matching blocks so the front and back of the potholders are the same!

I used 3 FQs plus 1 for the border and then yardage for the binding.

For each block I cut out (4)  #2 squares from 2 grey and black FQs, so 16 total, and the small triangles too (11.2)


Then in white I cut out (8) of 11.1 bowtie backgrounds (32 total)


These block pieces are so cute and tiny!!


I also cut strips in black with my 1 1/2” strip die

Since I’d use it for the sides, one set would be trimmed to 6 1/2” and the other 8 1/2” so I folded and cut on the short width of the FQ (18”) and cut out 8 strips.


Then I sewed the small triangles to the white backgrounds and ironed the seams open. (16 each)


Then added the squares and also ironed the seams open


and finished the bowtie blocks. (8 each)


and I sewed them together into blocks like this, I also made the hanging tag from the leftover black. I’ve shown before how I made those.


Then added the borders


I then laid out two of then on insulbright and 2 on batting scraps and quilted in the ditch in black and also on the outer edge.


I then decided to add binding on these and since the edges are 8 1/2” x 4, ONE WOF strip worked just great!

I first pinned the layers together and actually had the back piece rotated 90 degrees, I also pinned the hanging strips and then basted close to the edge all the way around BEFORE adding the binding


I never do this binding technique much anymore, but this time I folded over one raw edge before ironing the strip in half, so when I sewed the binding on, the end gets trimmed and tucked into the folded edge.


and I hand stitched down the binding onto the back.

That’s it Smile cute modern potholders


Hope you make some!

Two people made last month’s potholders, aren’t they both cute??



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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I made a bow tie quilt for my inlaws, when I first started quilting. It had Y seams. I didn't realize that there were easier ways to make it. I've since learned easier ways. You've been a busy bee. Sorry, I'm trying to catch up on blog reading, and just read all your posts since the beginning of the month.