Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Birthday citizenship quilt and purse

I finally got around to quilting and finishing my quilt that was given to me on my 40th birthday in January, it was made my Barry (and Ella)- who I quilt for once in a while, so they “just” gave me the top and had people at the party sign it and it included a picture of me from last fall when I became a US citizen!

patriotic wall hanging

I hung it on the wall above my GO cutter and next to my thread holders!

patriotic wall hanging

Barry’s 2nd Quilt he gave me to quilt recently was a wall hanging and I decided to leave the applique alone and just quilt around it, when it was done I took it off the frame and the bottom was all buckled! So I had to rip out almost half of it and start over, I made sure it was lying completely flat and it was re-ironed before as well and I quilted it again and the same thing happened! not as bad though, but I can’t figure out what’s up with it!!

I feel really bad Sad smile

lighthouse applique

Then to do something else I found this tri fold wallet embroidery file on embroidery garden and I made this wallet!

tri fold ITH purse

It’s really cute, it has two pockets for credit cards and a zippered area for money and then I used a Kamsnap to close it

tri fold ITH pursetri fold ITH purse

I tried to make a 2nd one and did a step or two wrong and when I turned it right side out the lining inside the zippered area wasn’t there! I forgot to fold it down on the back…. so in the trash it went!!

well, I still love this wallet and changed out mine with this one Smile


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a precious gift and a beautiful wall hanging to have in your quilt room Bea! Cute little purse too!

Brenda / Songbird Designs said...

Wow, Bea, that is truly a thoughtful gift. Congratulations on becoming a US citizen in the fall. A friend of our is also a naturalized citizen and I know it takes a great deal of work to achieve. At any rate, the quilt is beautiful and I love your thread holder initials!! And the little wallet!

Michele said...

The quilt is nice. Congrats on the anniversary.