Friday, May 4, 2018

Another REAL IB pillow

Since my first Pillow project for this month’s theme for Island Batik was pincushions and that’s kind of cheating, I wanted to make a REAL pillow (cover)
I have several older European pillows in my closet that we just don’t use anymore, and even though it’s not quite square I am treating it like it is.
I’ve had this idea printed and laying around for a while, but wasn’t sure when I was going to make it.
qube brown
Then with this pillow it’s 24” squared, so I had to make a choice if I wanted this whole quilt made with the 6” QUBE set or one quarter of it made with the 12” QUBE set!?
I decided on the quarter size.
qube brown
So I got out my 12” QUBE and Companion corners set
And then I got out my scraps of Island Batik, anything in girly pinks and purple and white I could find.
I cut out (8) of #3 in a pink print
then (8) of #2 in another pink
then (8) of #5 in purple
and (8) of #9 in purple also, the chisel shapes are all supposed to just face one way, but it didn’t matter in this batik print, it was really hard to tell the difference between the front and back.
Then I also needed (8) more of #9 in white
and (24) of #5 in white, but I ran out, so I did 8 in white and (16) in a pale pink.
Then I started sewing the blocks together
before long I had this block section down and the chisel section done too
Then sewed those into larger blocks
and 4 of those into this large 24” block
I found another pale pink batik and cut it 24 1/2” WIDE then I had enough to cut about 16” tall from each, as long as it’s a few inches taller than half the block, it’s enough, then folding over the edge and ironed twice and top stitched down.
Then I laid these right sides together on top of the 24 1/2” block and with the top stitched edges near the middle but overlapping, I sewed around the perimeter and also zigzagged and trimmed the corners
then turned right side out and put the pillow inside and now the pillow is in my 2 youngest girl’s room, where we got my in law’s old rocking chair, it’ll be nice for story time when they go to bed Smile
took me half a day to make!


schimmy said...


Carol S. said...

That's a very beautiful pillow!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wow...too great pillows!

Carla said...

cool pillow! Love the color

Kathleen said...

A great second pillow. The colors are so much fun, and I think making one was right for this pillow.