Monday, May 28, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 22

qal block 22

Here’s block #22 it’s called time and tide and it’s a somewhat tricky block, but FUN! and as you can see you have to use the companion angles set with the qube set as well.

I’ll show an alternate block that’s quite different at the end of the post…

it’s a 1 1/2 sized block

You’ll use fabrics A, D and E

and dies #4 and #13,14,15 from the angles set

with die #4 cut out (2) EACH of A and E, I know that all sets except the 9” qube set have 4 on a die, just put 2 of them aside.

with die #13 cut out (4) of fabric D

with die #14 cut out (4 right side up and 4 right side down) of A and E

with die #15 cut out (4) of fabric D

I had some #4 leftover from another block- don’t remember which one and I also had some #13s leftover, you may not have that, as I think I had messed up on cutting an earlier block… anyways, if you have leftovers, use them, if not then cut them out Smile


with the 8” version I also had some #13s leftover and that dictated which fabric to use for D and then I found the #4s too and just used those for the center of the block, but didn’t have enough to cut the rest of the block of those fabrics so I changed fabrics, that’s okay too Winking smile


here’s the 9” version, I didn’t take pictures of the 12” cut out


since it’s a tricky block, lay out the pieces on your table before sewing together.

The center is easy to figure out, the touching that are the #13 triangles, and they have A fabrics touching them at the top and bottom and the side ones have fabrics E touching them, then the corner kites are facing outward and they have opposite fabrics on the sides, they will be the opposite fabrics of the ones touching the #13 triangles.


Start sewing the pieces together, the center as I said is an easy QST. then the #13 triangle, 2 of them have A fabrics and 2 have E fabrics.

with the kite shapes, 2 have A fabrics on the left and 2 have E fabrics on the left.

Iron all seams OPEN!!


Finish the center QST, the #13 triangles have the same triangles but in sets of 2 and 2, the kites have opposite sets of 2


Now lay out the block pieces into a 9 patch layout and double check that pieces are right


then sew them together into rows, again ironing the seam open, it’s going to be quite bulky at the seams, but that’s how the block is.


Here’s the completed block!


and the 4 different versions.

as you can see the 8” and 12” version I used leftover center triangles so the blocks look quite different, but that’s fine, I see how the 8” looks very matchy matchy from a distance, but oh well, it’s a funky quilt…


Hope you still have fun with the block!

Here’s the alternate #22 block, it was really hard to design something that looked similar, but this is the closest I could get…it’s still a cool block!

qube qal22ALT

Here’s blocks from last week’s participants


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Dolly Ross said...

#22 really cute but what a lot of points to come together. Mine turned out pretty goog🤗

Dolly Ross said...

#22 is really cute but sure has lots of points to come together. I think mine turned out good🤗😁😀