Monday, May 21, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 21

qal block 21

Block #21 is a simple double four patch and it’s a full sized block 1:1

It uses fabrics A and D and dies #1 and #2

with fabric D cut out (2) of die #1

and with fabrics A and D cut out (4) each of die #2

I think I cheated and used fabric C instead of the plaid D for my blue….

IMG_20180320_124545243 (1)

Start by sewing the A and D squares together. iron seams open


sew into two four patches, if you are using directional fabrics, lay out the block first before sewing together


then sew large #1 squares to the top of the four patches like this


I used directional fabrics for the 8” version so the four patches are the same but when sewing the #1 squares to the top, I had to flip both the large square and the four patch like this- again if you get confused, just lay out the pieces like the block is supposed to be and it’ll be easy to see how they are supposed to be sewn together.

Here I ironed toward the #1 square


then when sewing these together the seam butt up against each other and it’s easy to pin in place and sew


I ironed that seam open


Here’s the finished block


and the 4 blocks together


a pretty easy block, right?

Here’s blocks from last week’s participants

20pamela f20geraldine20gill20 mary20connie20betty20shelda20juliew20sentab20margaretb20suemc20pamela


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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I taught the first block (rotary cut) with my first beginning quilting class at church.