Monday, May 14, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 20

qal block20

We’re half way done!! WOOHOO!!

This week’s block is a mosaic block similar to block #5 but still different.

it’s a full sized block 1:1

You’ll be using the QUBE set plus the companion angles set

(alternate block below)

For this block you’ll need all 5 fabrics too (A-E) and dies #5 and #16

with fabric A cut out (4) with die #16

with fabrics B,C and D cut out (4) of die #5

and with E cut out (8) with die #5 as well

(I found that I had some D #5s leftover so I didn’t have to cut those)

IMG_20180320_124314210_HDR (1)

Lay out the fabrics like this

IMG_20180320_132311188_HDR (1)

after I looked at the fabric placements I swapped the location of D and B, it really doesn’t matter, so make it however you like with the fabric placements!


I must have forgotten to take a picture of the corner HST but that’s easy to sew together, just iron the seams OPEN throughout this block, add corner small triangles too, make 4 units


at the same time add the last small triangles to the trapezoid #16 pieces and sew these to the triangle units above, like this.

Sewing the #16 to the triangles units is the only place where I didn’t iron the seams open.


Then sew 2 of these together into a half block, still ironing the seams open


see what it looks like from the back Smile


Here’s the 4 different versions!


Now here’s the ALTERNATE version, I could have done this with block #5, but oh well, see the difference?

the trapezoid shape #16 can be made with (3) of #5 in the same color instead, so this block can be made with just #5 triangles!!

-so cut out 12 of fabric A and die #5 instead.

qal block20ALT

I hope to not run out of fabrics, but so far so good!

Here’s the first 20 blocks together in the different sized versions

here’s 6” qube


and 8” version (this one I’m a little scared of running out of fabrics, as I am using a FQ bundle and white, but we’ll see)

The blocks are fun and funky so far - I love it!


and here’s the 9” qube version, here I’m using yardage and it should be fine.


the 12” version is filling up my design wall!!

I’m using island batik scraps so that won’t be a problem as I have lots of scraps from them!!


so don’t be upset if the yardage is not right, I tried my best and it’s best to overbuy yardage or use scraps…. and I’m not doing the blocks in order in the quilt, meaning #1 is not touching #2 etc. so if you have to add another fabric now, it’s really ok…

I just hope you all have had a great time! I know I have!!

Here’s the blocks from last week’s participants

4pamela19shelly19lynne19connie19karen19eva5carolp3pamela19sheryl19suem19 michelle19robin19senta19nina18meegan19geraldine19margaret19sue

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