Friday, April 20, 2018

Phone book quilt is started

The phonebook quilt has been started!


the phonebook I got in the mail was very small and skinny, but that’s ok. I looked for phonebook quilts and found one on quiltville (couldn’t pin it)

My measurements are not quite like hers, as my phone book was smaller, I ripped out pages carefully and cut them in half and the pieces are now 4x10”, I did follow her suggestion of cutting out 48


I know several people who are pregnant and so far it’s all boys! so I was thinking of just storing baby quilts for now, I’ll see how this one turns out..

I got out my bin of blues and I’m being a bit picky and not using too much floral or this mermaid one- that wouldn’t go on a boy quilt!


then with a regular foot and short stitch length I started sewing pieces to the papers, first it was two strips right sides together, then once you iron the first time, you just add more strips, often I cut the strips with scissors so they would be a bit wonky, but I’m not caring about seam allowance, just making sure it’s sewn on straight so it lays flat



But I deliberately sew some at an angle to create more interest!


originally I was thinking of the large corner triangles to be green solid, now I’m not sure, I actually think I’ll sew a skinny black or something like that down the sides.

We’ll see

Now the last two days, Sonja has been sick with a fever (actually pretty high last night) but I’ve kept it down with ibuprofen


with the meds kicked in, we played pictionary a bit this morning- I found an app for my phone so we just read random words and draw them.


I’ll keep working on the phonebook quilt today I think.

In between things I’ve finished two more blocks for the rainbow color of the month, here’s sister’s choice blocks in blue and purple



Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Have fun stitching string blocks.

Sewgirl said...

Hope Sophia is up and about soon. My DH and I would take cards out of the Pictionary game with us on trips and have fun drawing whatever came up on the card. (Pictionary was too long and complicated to play the full game anyway). There's a great fireplace in one of the lounges in Yosemite where we would often get folks around us wondering why we were laughing and having so much fun. I will look forward to seeing what you do with the string blocks!

Brenda / Songbird Designs said...

The phone book quilt sounds interesting. I'll be glad to see how it comes together. Guess I'll have to google it since your post yesterday was the first I'd heard of phone book quilts! I'm praying that Sonja feels better soon. It hurts my heart when children feel bad.