Friday, April 13, 2018

Mid Month potholders- flowers

midmonth potholders

This month’s potholders are EASY compared to last month’s Dresden plate potholders Winking smile

potholders accuquilt flowers

For these potholders I used the 9” QUBE set


the funky flowers die

scrap batting

and insulbright by the warm company

steam a seam2

matching threads

and batiks (or whatever fabrics you want to use)

I used these leftovers from Island Batik


With the 9” QUBE set, I used dies #1, #2 and #8

I cut out (4) of white with die #1

then (16) blue squares with die #2

and (16) green rectangles with die #8


Then I started sewing them together like this into an uneven nine patch, I ironed the seams open



Here’s 4 uneven nine patches


Then I found the funky flowers die and steam a seam2 and first I measured the flower to see if it would fit and it would, it’s 4”!


With the steam a seam2 there’s a 1” grid on the back, so I cut out 2 squares that were each 4 1/2” and then peeled off the backing and stuck it onto the orange batik fabric and trimmed to fit


I decided to have the flowers opposite of each other so I laid them on the die with the papers facing each other and cut out 2 flowers


Then I fused them to the middle of the blocks- looks very Hawaiian now, doesn’t it?


then I cut out 2 yellow centers in the same way and fused them down as well.


Last month I stitched down the applique with a button hole applique stitch but this time I was trying something different, so I used some black QUILT + thread from coats.


then using the embroidery/ darning foot I free motioned sloppily around the edge of the flowers and center, going around 3 times on each, the sloppier the better! it looks like a pen doodle!


then I cut out scraps of batting for two blocks and scraps of insulbright, I had the batting under the flower blocks and the insulbright under the plain blocks.


Then with a walking foot and matching thread I quilted the 4 pieces with straight lines 1/4” from the seams.


I showed last month how I made the hanging tabs for potholders, so I made two of those and then trimmed the blocks.


Then I layered the front and back together wrong sides together WITH the hanging tabs in the middle of the top edge of each and stitched around with a walking foot, leaving an opening at the bottom. I did further in than a 1/4” (I just found a good spot on my walking foot to line it up with, so probably around 3/8”)

When done, I trimmed the corners before turning right side out


Then I turned them right side out and used turning tools to poke at the corners and then pinned the opening closed


Lastly I topstitched all the way around 1/4” and made sure the openings were closed

potholders accuquilt flowers

Have fun!

You don’t HAVE to use the flower applique or use any applique you want or none at all, you can even change the block in the background if you want!? If you’re using the 6” QUBE set, add a border to the block to make it a little bit bigger, if you are using the 12” set, then make just a regular 9 patch with die #2 so the block will be 9”

Here’s some pics of  participants potholders from last month’s challenge

FB_IMG_1521584063506Lupeapril potholders dresdenshayneapril

aren’t they all great??


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