Monday, April 30, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 18

qal block18
This week’s block is called 5 patch chain and it just uses the regular QUBE set and it’s 1 1/4 sized, just like the sister’s choice block we did as block #12
For this you’ll need dies #2 and #8
and fabric A,B,C and E
Layer as many layers on the die as your machine allows and with die #2 cut out (1) of fabric A, (8) of fabric B and E
and then cut out (4) of fabric C on die #8
Start by sewing the 8 sets of small #2 squares together, iron seam open.
then turn them into 4 patches, if you are using directional fabrics, you may want to lay out the pieces how they are supposed to be in the block and then sew 2 sets of mirror imaged four patches
You can decide if you want the lighter to be in the corners or a dark square in the corners. Lay out the block like this first and then decide Smile
I have the white in the corners so the darker squares almost look like a circle going around in the block
Sew the sections together into rows, here you can iron seams open or iron toward the rectangles, it doesn’t matter much
and here’s the finished block
qube qal block 18
and here’s the 4 different QUBE versions. the 8” had directional fabrics so that one took a bit of planning, actually the 12” did too a bit, but not as tricky.
Have fun!
Here’s last week’s blocks Smile

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