Monday, April 23, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 17

qal block17x3
This week’s block is JUST a Quarter Square triangle x3!
it’s a 1/2 sized blocks
easy peasy…
You’ll need die #4 and fabrics B and C
Cut out 6 of each!
(I know unless you have the 9” set you' have to cut out 8 of each- just put them aside, might need them later)
If you are using any directional fabrics, you’ll make 2 block identical and one that’s turned 90 degrees, so just remove opposite fabrics- like the sides of one fabric and the top and bottom of another- again if you’re NOT using the 9” qube set.
You’ll see what I mean at the end.
When I sew QST blocks together I actually start at the center, so here it’s the top of the cut out triangle pieces.
Iron the seams open!
And sew the blocks together like this
Here’s my 4 versions of the 3 blocks, on both the 8” and 12” versions I used directional fabrics. it doesn’t matter which fabric is the dark or the lighter, just have 2 +1 if using directional fabrics, otherwise 3 of the same
DON’T sew the 3 blocks together!
They will be touching each other but not in a straight line…..hint hint, so the middle block has to be turned 90 degrees!
Have fun!
and here’s blocks from last week’s participants


Carla said...

So many color combos. I like I like

Barb Arnold said...

My blocks are 1/2 size, not 1/4 size.....4 inches for an 8 inch cube. Did I miss something?