Monday, April 16, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 16

qal block16 hummingbird

Block #16 this week is the humming bird block.

It’s such a fun and easy block with the QUBE angles set!

(if you don’t have the angles set, see alternate block later in the post)

-or you might have the hummingbird as a separate die?

For this block you’ll use fabrics B and D and

dies #14 and 15

with B and D fabrics cut out 2 + 2 reversed on die #14 (so one set right side UP and one set right side DOWN)

also cut out 2 of each B and D with die #15 (kite)

(I used fabric E instead of D on this 6” version, I was just tired of the plaid)


Then sew the triangles to opposite colored kite shapes, iron seams open.


and finish these like this (2 of each)


then sew them together like this and still iron seams open


and then sew the block together!


here’s my 4 versions together, the 8” is just funky!!


Here’s the alternate version using dies #2 and #5

You’ll need (4) of each fabric with die #2

and (8) of each fabric with die #5

Iron seams OPEN!

qal block 16ALT

Have fun!

Here’s blocks from last week’s participants



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