Monday, April 9, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 15

This week’s block is rolling Stone/broken wheel
It’s a 1 1/2 sized block
It uses the standard QUBE set
You’ll use shapes #1, #5, #6 and #8
and fabrics A, C, D and E

For shape #1 cut out (1) of fabric E
For shape #6 cut out (4) of fabric C
For shape #5 cut out (4) of fabric A and (12) of fabric D
For shape #8 cut out (4) of fabric A and E
Here’s my piles for the 4 qube sizes
If you want to use direction fabrics as fabric E, just flip the fabric when cutting out 2 of them.
Lay out the fabrics before sewing together like this if you want
Start by sewing the A #5 triangles to the sides of the C #6 squares. If you used directional fabrics here too, lay out the block and see what sides you need to sew the A fabrics to.
Then sew the remaining D #5 triangles to the block.
Iron seams open helps a lot!
Also sew the #8 A and E fabrics together and iron the seams open
Now lay out the block pieces again, now it’s sort of like a big nine patch
Sew the block together into rows then sew the block together
Here’s the completed block!
qube QAL block 15
with my 8” version I had some directional fabrics that just look so cool!
qube QAL block 15 8in
Here’s the 4 different sized blocks together.
the 12” version I did use some directional fabrics AND I substituted the middle #! square
Here’s blocks from last week’s participants
14betty14debbie14cat14dianes14meegan14deborah214deborah14connie14senta14judig14margaret14michellew14susan14hannah14donna13diane14bdiane14diane14judyw141bonnie14aAnnsfirst block14renie

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