Monday, April 2, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 14

qal block14dutchman puzzle

This week’s block is a traditional 1:1 block called Dutchman’s puzzle

For the block you’ll need dies #4 and #5

fabrics B, D and E

with fabrics B and E, cut out 4 with die #4 (You can use directional fabrics)

then with fabrics D cut out (16) with die #5


I’ve shown before in previous blocks, how I make flying geese, well my “technique” of course you do it anyway you like Smile

Make 4 of each of the two fabrics B and E


Lay out the blocks, I used “E” on the outside of the block, but it’s up to you


If you’re using directional fabrics, lay out the geese and have the right side up and then lay out the blocks that way in the block



Here both B and E fabrics are light, so I just picked one to be on the outside Smile


When sewing the geese units together and finishing the block, iron the seams open, as there will be quite some bulk in the center


Keep sewing the block together


Here my finished 6” block

give the block a good press with the iron when done!

qube qal block14

and all the 4 blocks together

qube qal block14 x4

Here’s all the 6” qube blocks together, fun huh??

QAL blocks to 14

and 8” qube blocks, this one is just really FUNKY!

QAL blocks to 14

and 9” qube blocks

QAL blocks to 14

and 12” qube blocks in batik scraps- I almost can’t fit these on my design wall anymore!

QAL blocks to 14

Have fun!

Here’s the blocks from last week’s participants


13meegan13debbiem13debbie13debbies13karen13margaretb13janet13michellew13carol12marysp13marysp13connie13margaret13gill13shayne13 mary13hannah13senta13donna12judi13nina

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