Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Science museum and a bit of sewing

Last Friday the kids were off of school, so we decided to go to a Greensboro Science museum, it’s both a museum, aquarium and petting zoo!

We were sort of meeting up with friends from church, but all knew that a big place like that, we’d be split up quickly, so it was more like a quick hello and on to something else.

There were sleeping otters and then a plastic dome next to them the we figured out that you could crawl underneath and stick your head into that dome and see them up close, otters are so cute!


There was also a big shark tank


and petting zoo!



we ended up being there for maybe 4 hrs and kids were WORN out! except they just really needed some shakes! while we got those I saw this building!!

a huge outlet building with fabrics!!- it said interior fabrics, but still wow, it was a big building!


Over the weekend I was looking at old bins and found this happy birthday kit that I never finished, I had started raw edge appliqueing the birthday down and that’s when my machine was acting up and I took it in for repair/cleaning after that, so those letters got a bit wrinkly, I’m hoping quilting will take care of it.


the kit cam with some lace and rick rack that I added, so I just need to quilt it now.


I was looking at my old orphan blocks too and trimmed this little embroidered angel down to be a 5 1/2” square


and sewed a mini ohio star block to the back of it and turned it into a pincushion of course!!


and I got this hexagon pincushion from Irene for the pincushion swap for March THANKS!


My Mother in law gave me a box of old spools of threads, I threw out the ones that were wooden spools as I know those are just too old, except one!


look at this old coats and clark’s thread for 29c!! ha ha

(Coat’s told me it’s from the 50s since the high price and also both names on there)


Since Coats and Clark’s sent me all those Quilt + spools, I decided to take down my embroidery threads and put the Quilt+ threads plus Aurifil threads on the left “B” of my thread racks…. it looks so nice Smile

-and my embroidery threads are neatly in a drawer, so they are just fine..



Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

In my oldest hand crank (Willcox & Gibbs chainstitch) I can only use the old wooden, or small thread spools. I took one of the old wooden spools, and put new thread on it, and it worked well. It is from 1880, so they only had little wooden spools of thread back then). Yipee for Sidewinder bobbin winders! I like your letters as thread holders.

SusanB said...

I'm sad to hear that you threw the wooden spools away. I agree that I wouldn't want to use the thread. However, wooden spools are hard to find and I know there are crafters out there that would have loved to have them and would have turned them into something cute and/or useful. You probably could have sold them on Craigslist.

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