Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Log Cabin quilt top is pretty much done

I finished all the log cabin blocks


and this is what’s left of the strips, which were the leftovers from the log cabin magazine quilt Winking smile


I had sketched out this layout in EQ

log cabin black

and so far I sewed the top together like this, I really like it!

But I don’t have this same black solid anymore, I might have another black or a black print or another solid… I don’t know… so I stopped and I’ll think about the border for a while.


I think it’s because I got distracted by yummy fabrics that I ordered.

This is just half of them, 4 different FQ bundles from Southern fabrics.

I have been on their email list for a long time, but never ordered from them, but a SALE came into my inbox and I just couldn’t help myself!



I also got some more paper for the girls’ easel and they’ve both been busy.


and this weekend I got a haircut and then bought a hair-color box at the drug store and colored my hair!


I also got a shipment of secret batiks from island batik…

but I’m itching to cut into some of these FQs!! what should I do??

Oh, and did you see the new Accuquilt CORNERS sets???

It’s replacing the Classic companion set in a way, it has two of the dies from the old set (chisel and signature) but then also has two dies for a bowtie block and it omitted the drunkard’s path dies.

(Now there IS A way to buy the 2 new dies individually if you already have the old set)

GO! Qube 8" Companion Set-Corners (55785)

I have a set coming later this week! I can’t wait!!

(If you click thru my links and buy anything, I’ll get a small commission, which I surely appreciate and will buy more fabrics!!)


Pamela Arbour said...

Nice log cabins. I have been wanting to make one lately. Since you have that light inner border on your EQ, it seems like that would be enough to break it up between the black in the quilt and your border. I am sure you will find the right one.

RJ said...

Thanks for the explanation of the Corners! Couldn't find that anywhere else. I have the old set.