Tuesday, March 20, 2018

another round of the pincushion swap?

Who wants to (re)join a round of the pincushion swap?
The swap lasts 3 months at a time.
Each month you are assigned a person (could be international) and you have to make and mail out a pincushion to that person by the end of the month. And you’ll get one in return as well of course!
It’s like Christmas every time you get a squishy package in the mail!!
a lot of fun!!
Here’s some pincushion from the last round
There’s more on the swap page
If you want to join, please comment (with an email address) or just email me Smile and I’ll send you a few questions to answer and also ask for your contact info.
Easy peasy!!

If you comment and you're a NO reply blogger, I have no way of contacting you back, so make sure you are logged in or leave your email address in the comment.


Kathy Johnson said...

I'd love to join in...

m dinsmore said...

That sounds so fun!! I'd love to join

tubakk said...

You know I'm in.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I was going to join up this time, but, life has been crazy, and I'm so far behind already. Maybe I can join up next time you have a sign up. I love your scrappy quilt (next posts). Sorry for commenting on several posts at once, but, I've been out of town, and I'm 10 days behind on my blog reading, and I'm trying to get caught up quickly.