Monday, March 19, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL Block 12


This week’s block is a 1 1/4 block or 5/4 block (Ha! I’m good at math huh??)

It’s called Sister’s choice and is easy to make with just 2 dies from the regular qube set

#2 and #5 dies

and you’ll use all 5 fabrics!

-if you’re using scraps, then using directional fabrics for any of the #2 shapes would work great!!

with fabric A cut (1) of #2

with fabric B cut (8) of #5

with fabric C cut out (8) of #2

with fabric D cut out (4) of #2

with fabric E cut out (4) of #2 AND (8) of #5

I started with the fabric for die #2 and laid them on the die at the same time and cut out as much as possible at one time


Then cut out the #5 pieces at once as well


Then sew the #5 triangles together (B and E fabrics) iron the seams OPEN


at this point I laid out the pieces how the block should look before sewing pieces together


Then I sewed the rows together


and then the rows together to complete the block like this


Here’s my 4 versions together

the 8” version is FUNKY with these Tula pink FQ fabrics!

and the 12” batik version I used some great directional fabrics too!


Have fun!

Happy National Quilting day!


Here’s block 11 from last week’s participants


They are all great and people are scratching their heads trying to figure out HOW it’ll go together…. he he, not giving anything away yet, there’s 40 blocks including the border blocks, so a long way to go still!

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