Monday, March 5, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 10


It’s time for block #10 and this time we’re using only dies from the companion set to make this Kaleidoscope block! 1:1 sized

(see alternate block below)

For this block you’ll need shapes #13 and #15 and fabrics C and E

With fabric E cut out 4 of shape #13

(If using directional fabrics or a stripe, you may want the direction to face away from the tip) If not using a directional fabric, it’s easy to cut two out from a folded piece of fabric, then flipping that strip and cutting out two more, as to not waste so much fabric, but it’s just for ONE block, so it doesn’t really matter

With fabric C cut out 4 of shape #15

DSCF9579 (1)DSCF9578 (1)

Sew the triangle #13 to the side of the kite shape #15, iron the seams open (do this will all 4 sets)

DSCF9580 (1)

Then sew two of these together and iron the seam open

DSCF9583 (1)

When sewing the last seam together, one trick I do is to put a needle STRAIGHT down in the middle seam right where the seams meet- from the wrong side, then right sides together, find the same spot on the opposite piece and pin thru that, then while holding these two pieces together, I pin the sides like normal and before sewing I remove that straight pin.

DSCF9588 (1)DSCF9587 (1)

Then iron the seams open again and they should match up perfectly!

DSCF9590 (1)

VOILA! such a fun block that’s easy to make Smile

Block 10 QAL qube

Here’s all 4 sizes together

Qube QAL block 10

and all my 6” QUBE blocks together


and 8” version (FQs plus white)


and 9” red and black


and 12” scrappy batik version


Now for those of you without the QUBE companion angles set, here’s a simple block as an alternate, make it by using die #3! (not #5)

You can use fabrics B and C or C and E like the kaleidoscope block, that’s up to you, if you have a really cool fabric in your stash, use it here Smile - I’m sure you can figure out how to make HSTs and sew 4 of them together, sort of like the broken dishes blocks, but this is a pinwheel so make sure to iron the seams OPEN!


Here’s pictures of block#9 from the participants last week


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tubakk said...

Oh my, you've been working a lot for this blog post. I especially love the blue blocks. Thanks for the nice pincushion I got Friday. I put it on my blog right away. And I wonder if the fabric pieces are for these blocks.