Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Finishing up a Jelly Roll Island Batik quilt

Since I finishing long arm quilting a customer’s quilt and catching up on deadlines, I had the time and urge to finish one of my quilts! and since getting the Island Batik box with Hobbs batting, I finished up this Jelly Roll quilt!


I had unwrapped the Thermore batting and laid out finished tops I had hanging around and was able to fit 3 good sized quilts on one big piece of batting- with some left over for maybe a few table toppers or mini quilts or baby quilts


When I got near the end of the quilting I looked down and realized that my backing was too short! I looked at the measurements and I had only given myself 3” to work with and after snapping it onto the frame and leaving space at the top, it just wasn’t enough space….!- rookie mistake…


So I took it off the frame and found some of the border fabric and quickly added that to the backing piece


I quilted my curvey lines that I often do and bubbles on the inner border and a sort of flame/grass design on the outer border.


Here’s the backing, doesn’t look too bad with the strip at the bottom Winking smile


I’ve been on a roll lately with attaching binding on the machine, usually I flip it to the back and hand stitch it down, but with quilts like this I just want it done, so I stitched it down! this time I did NOT use my little binding clips, but instead I folded it from the back to the front and held it down by hand while I stitched it down and when it was all done, it looked BETTER than with binding clips and the stitch line was pretty much perfect on the back too! and the edges are not wavy, which they sometimes got if I used a fancy stitch for the binding…. so anyways I think I found my new technique!


How do you sew your binding on?


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful quilt Bea! I always sew my binding on by machine. I attach it to the front. I then iron it and press it to the back before I machine stitch it down. I don't use clips or pins either....just my fingers to guide it.

QuiltShopGal said...

Gosh what a beautiful quilt. So cheerful and comfy. Sweet design, yummy fabrics, lovely quilting.

Vicki in MN said...

Way to go using your time so wisely:) Glad you found a binding technique that you love. I always machine sew mine to the front, press to the back and SID on the front to catch the back of binding. Love using this method. Done is good!!

Nancy said...

For many years I've been sewing my binding on from back, turn to front and sew with walking foot and straight stitching. I hold it down with my hand as I stitch. One thing I do before turning to the front is to press the seam flat and away from the quilt back to flatten it. That helps it keep straighter, I think, when sewing from the front. This process is so fast!

colleen said...

I usually stitch the binding on the front and hand stitch to the back. I also use a faux binding technique which uses 2pices of binding sewn together length wise. When I use that technique I sew the binding on the back and then machine stitch on the front