Monday, February 19, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 8

This week’s block is a very traditional Variable Star block (I believe I used it in my very first quilt) and it’s a complete block 1:1
It uses the regular QUBE set only
You’ll need dies #1,2,4 and 5
and fabrics B,C,D and E
with fabric B cut out (8) of #5
with fabric C cut out (1) of #1
with fabric D cut out (4) of #4
with fabric E cut out (4) of #2
I realized after the fact that I didn’t use the right fabrics, I think my #5 is actually fabric A, but oh well!
here’s the 8” version, this FQ bundle has a lot of directional fabrics so it gets to be tricky to plan and cut out, here I picked one that was not too directional for #5, the others were fine being directional.
with the 9” version, shape #4 is individual, so don’t use a directional fabric for that, well I guess a stripe would look cool, then the stripes would all face in toward the center?!
Or just do scraps like my 12” version
start by making (4) flying geese with shapes #4 and #5 triangles.
Iron the seams OPEN!
I always sew from the bottom and up toward the middle, so when adding the left side I have the #5 triangle on the top, then after that I flip the whole thing when adding the right side #5 triangle.
Here’s my 4 versions all done
then start adding #2 squares to the sides of two of the geese and also start adding a flying geese unit to the #1 square. Again iron the seams open!
If you’re using directional fabrics, lay out the block pieces before sewing everything together.
then sew the block together like this!
qube qal block 8
here’s the 4 versions together
qube qal block 8 4 different sizes
Have fun!

Here’s the blocks from participants last week
such great blocks!
-hope I don’t disappoint at the end with the final assembly or that the yardage is wrong- I hope NOT!

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karen said...

No disapointment here. I love all this. Such great blocks. I love that you have shown so much. Cool to see the variety of color choices too. Thank you, you are inspirering.
Have a great quilty day!