Monday, February 12, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 7

This week’s block is a simple block X 3
and it’s a “half sized” block

You’ll use 5 or 6 colors, (you’ll use one fabric twice if using yardage)
You’ll need shapes #2 and #5
If you want to follow this exactly cut out these
fabric A: (2) of #2 and #5
fabric B: (2) of #2 and (4) of #5
fabric C: (2) of #5
fabric D: (2) of #2 and #5
fabric E: (2) of #5

Here’s my 6” qube  version
with the 8” version I’m using FQs so I used 6 fabrics and cut out 3 different sets of (2) of #2 and #5 of one fabric and (2) of #5 with another fabric
here’s my 9” version
and 12” version is all scrappy so I matched up sets again
If you’re only using the 5 colors, make HST sets (2 each) of B with D, A with E, and B with C
If you’re doing scrappy, then you already matched up the sets
with the B,D sets sew D squares to the sides of HSTs and have it touching the B triangle
with the A,E sets, use A squares
with B,C sets, use B squares
as shown below
Then sew these together into 3 different blocks!
DON’T sew these together into a row!
Here’s my 4 different sized blocks together
the 6” qube version blocks should be 3” finished (so 3 1/2” right now)
8” version should be 4” (4 1/2” now)
9” version should be 4 1/2” (5” now)
and 12” version should be 6” (6 1/2” now)
Here’s the blocks so far from last week


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