Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL–block 1

It’s January and you know what that means!!
Time to start the 2018 QUBE QAL!
If you need to see fabric requirements go here
You’ll need one set of your choice of size QUBE set and companion Angles set from Accuquilt – see link on the right bar to buy if you still need to get a set.

So without further ado…. (is that’s right?)
Here’s block #1!
8 pointed star

It’s a block that’s 1.5 blocks big, so if you’re using the 6” qube set it’ll be 9” done (9 1/2”)
8” set would be 12”, 9” would be 13.5” and 12” would be 18”

You’ll used fabrics A and C
I recommend cutting out little bits of the fabrics and taping them to a piece of paper and labeling them A-E like I did.
(since I’m doing 4 versions, and two go from dark to light and two go from light to dark, I REALLY need to keep track of things!)
I don’t have anything listed under 8” only that A is white and E is the darkest, as I’m using FQs, the same with the 12” set I wrote down how it goes from light to dark and I’m using batik scraps!
It uses shapes #1, #13 and #14 (13 and 14 are from the Angles set, but you might have the triangle in a square die by itself??)
You’ll cut out (1) of fabric A and (4) of fabric C of shape #1
For 6” I cut 4” WOF strips
Then with fabric A cut out 4+4Reversed of shape #14 (if using solids it’s just 8 total)
and with fabric C cut out (4) of shape #13
here’s my 8” version, I cut 5 1/4” WOF strips
and 9” version, I cut 5 1/2” strips, here I flipped and cut out 2 the opposite way.
and 12” version I cut 7” WOF strips
Now sew the “A” #14 triangles to the sides of the “C” triangles, iron toward the smaller #14 triangles
make 4 sets
I love how the dog ears are cut off already!
Then sew the large squares and triangle in square blocks together into rows and finally in the star block.
Here I’d iron the seams OPEN
(I don’t think I ironed the seams open on this block, but you should do that to prevent buckling)
here’s my 4 blocks together!
The batik one is 18” it’s HUGE!!
For those of you who don’t have the triangle in a square die or the angles set, maybe make a friendship star block instead with the large #1 square and #3 triangle dies
Have fun!
Can’t wait to see your blocks Smile


assignment writing australia said...

Well the previous qube went really well and it was good to see that a lot of people were interested in it. Hope this one will go really well too.

Unknown said...

So glad you have alternative blocks for people who don't have the angles .just can't afford them right now. You are brave to so all 4 sizes! Have fun!!