Monday, January 29, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL Block 5

First the first time with this QAL we’re actually doing a FULL sized block!
In EQ this is called a mosaic block

You’ll need your QUBE and matching Qube Angles set (see alternate block below for those of you who don’t have the Angles set)
You’ll need dies # 4,5,6 and 16
and fabrics A,C,D and E

Here’s an alternate block.

instead of using die #16, you’ll use dies #3, 4, 5 and 6
follow the cutting directions for most of the block, just instead of the extra #5 triangles and #16, cut out #3 instead

Here’s the directions of the main block
with fabric A cut out (1) of shape #6
with fabric A and C cut out (4) of shape #5 (only do C fabric if doing alternate block)
with fabric D cut out (4) of shape #16 (for alternate cut out (4) of shape #3 instead)
with fabric E cut out (4) of shape #4

here’s the 8” version
the 9” version has shape #4 as a single shape
and here’s the 12” version
start by sewing #5 (C) triangles to the sides of shape #6, iron toward triangles
repeat with all 4 sides
now sew #4 triangles to the sides of these
while doing that also sew remaining #5 triangles to the short angle of #16 trapezoid shapes
now sew these to the sides of the block and have them look like this
(or all the large #3 triangles instead!)
Here’s pictures of my 5 blocks so far (I’ve loved seeing the blocks together in the FB group!)
so here’s my 6” version
and 8” version
and 9” version
and 12” version
are you having fun so far??
I’m thrilled at all the participants! It’s SEW much fun to see the different versions of the blocks each week!!
(here she photoshopped/edited the pics so it looks like the blocks are the same size but they are not)
Everyone did such a great job!
(If you are itching to get the Qube Angles set, please click thru my blog “banner ads” because then I get a small commission) – just sayin'’ – I’d appreciate that!!

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