Monday, January 15, 2018

2018 QUBE QAL block 3

This week’s block is a 3/4 block
it’s a shoo fly block!

You’ll be using  shapes #2 and #5 from the QUBE set
and fabrics A and D
cut out (4) #5 triangles from both fabrics, then cut out 1 of #2 square from A and (4) of fabric D
here the #5 die for the 6” QUBE has 4 triangles on the same die
here’s my 8” version
and the 9” version has only one square on it instead of 4 like the 8” and 9”
same with the 12” version
now sew the triangles into (4) HSTs, easy peasy! iron toward the dark or iron the seams open.
then add the squares so the single square is in the middle and the other four are next to it with the HSTs in the corners
and sew the block together like this
(I really don’t like plaids!)
the 8” version if funky!
and 9” version
and the 12” version in batiks
and here’s all 4 of them together!
Now here’s blocks from the participants last week! (I’m still in Denmark, so if anything got posted over the weekend I might have missed it)
Great job everyone!


Barb Arnold said...

Thank you for doing this! I’m so glad I found your site for projects using my new Accuquilt. Loving the QAL. You have become the best thing about Mondays! 😄

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