Monday, December 18, 2017

QUBE QAL FINALE–setting options

All the blocks are done!

and I took a poll a while ago, about if the participants wanting a separate post for setting options or with the last block’s directions, and the majority voted to have a separate post!

So…. DRUM ROLL please!!

Here’s my final QAL quilt made with the 8” QUBE set.

I actually just gave it away at our church’s Christmas party last night!


Here I decided to not have any sashing and to not put them together in number order, but instead I kind of grouped them together by color.

So the top left I had dark blue, the bottom right had green, then bottom left had the brighter turquoise and I had everything kind of blend together!


I added a 2 1/2” inner border and 4 1/2” outer border and used leftover yardage for the binding as well.

I quilted it all over with a flower and leaf pattern.

I also made a 12” QUBE version but only made 12 blocks (my scraps of batiks dictated when to stop)

-click on the link to see more details


Here I did a border that was 1/8 of the block size, so in this case it was 2” cut (1 1/2” finished) this way I used the rectangle die from the QUBE set and since the rectangle’s short side is 3” when done it’s 1/4 of the block size, by adding 2 of the 1/8 borders that equaled one more rectangle! so on the short sides it used 13 rectangles and 17 on the longer sides with large black corner squares.

I also made a “baby” quilt with the 6” QUBE set

I used a charm pack, so that also dictated how many blocks I’d end up with and ended up with 25 blocks.

Here I added a small skinny sashing with corner stones and then the same skinny border as an inner border and a wider outer border.

Just to throw some color in there, the corner stones and outer border were teal/turquoise!


here’s another baby quilt I did for Accuquilt’s blog

Also did a white sashing with corner stornes and just a wide border.


Here I’ve made a sampler for Accuquilt’s blog in 2016

I kept the sashing all the same corner, then added the same inner border and outer border, but I added corner stones to the outer border did a bit of applique (Tulip die)



If you decide to make a pieced border and use sashing, make the sashing 1/4 of the block size when done, this way if you use the same QUBE for the border, the math will be easy!

or if it’s just an inner border, either make it 1/4 or 1/8 of the block size!

I’ve made many fun borders with accuquilt before, but I do think that since this is a sampler quilt, the center is busy enough that the borders should be simple!

Hope this gives you some ideas!

In case you want to print out the layout for the quilt and work on it yourself, here’s just the jpeg of the quilt and you’ll have to mark the qube die #s on there (that’s what I did when planning this QAL)

qube samplerquilt60x76

Here’s blocks from the participants from last week!


Thank you everyone who participated! You’ve all been great and so sweet and nice and encouraging!

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QuiltShopGal said...

Wow, you've been busy. All your Cube quilts are so beautiful. Lovely fabrics.