Thursday, December 28, 2017

More long arm quilting

I recently quilted a quilt for our friends Barry and Ella who goes to our church (they are like grandparents to our kids)
This is Barry’s quilt, he meant to give it to me to quilt at Thanksgiving, but we forgot, so I got it one Sunday at church instead.
He was kind of specific about quilting it and sent me picture and even though his quilt was a bit different I did the best I could to copy it, stitch in the ditch on half the block and a large feather on the other half, on the border I did a loopy design and he loved it!
I got my embroidery machine back a while ago too after being at the shop and I’ve made a few things ITH already, then a lady at the gym asked me to embroider these horse saddle blankets and she wanted the name in the corner of each one Smile
BTW If you’re in the cary/raleigh/chapel hill area of NC and need a shop to fix your sewing machine or embroidery machine, I HIGHLY recommend Capital Sew and Vac, they were great and great customer service!
I’ll be taking my main sewing machine there in January I think!
If you go, tell me I sent you!! Smile

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QuiltShopGal said...

Beautiful quilt and I think your quilting looks perfect on it. Fun to see machine embroidered horse blankets. Way cool.