Thursday, November 9, 2017

Women of the bible blocks are done

I have been trying hard to finish up the last of the “Women of the bible” blocks. These are all 6” done and made with Island Batik fabrics and my 3rd version of the Women of the bible quilt! – so I think I’m DONE!

This one is Herodias. When I made my 3” block version I changed this block to have straight lines instead of curved lines, and I kept that with this one Smile I kept purple as the royal color


Next is Joanna – crown of thorns

I foundation pieced this one and always cut generous pieces of fabric and here I measured out the background pieces and I was just short one piece for the middle so I switched that with a blue- no one will know right?


Then the Syrophonecian woman

I thought the block sections looked like butterflies Smile


Next is Martha

instead of doing curved piecing I appliqued it.


Next is Mary of Bethany

I also appliqued that, kept the background the same and appliqued the green around it, which seems opposite, but it worked Winking smile


This block is Salome- thunder and lightning

color choices were obvious!


Here’s widow with two coins


and here’s Mary Magdelene, I didn’t do a dresden star but just appliqued it down.


and here’s Dorcas

another appliqued block


and lastly Lydia, I appliqued that down too but had the reds be all in whole pieces, so the lighter red is almost like a diamond underneath the darker red


Here’s all the blocks done!


I then took black thread and appliqued down all the applique blocks, it took a few hours which wasn’t bad at all.

I have black batik for sashing and border and here’s my idea for the borders

small 1 1/2” squares as an inner border and then the black outer border again.

women of the bible

What do you think?


Pamela said...

Wow! I have these patterns and love how your quilt came out, now I really want to get to work on mine :)

Pat A said...

Beautiful! Where did you find the blocks?

Susan said...

I like like it.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great blocks. I'll get to mine, one of these days.