Tuesday, November 14, 2017


It was TIME!!

Time or clean and organize (clean is a bad word around here-especially with my online friend Renie too!)

I have these wire/metal shelves in my room – one set on the left and one of the right, I’ve always had this one blocking my window, and lately it seems like toys just took over and I’ve pretty much only used the top half of each one, so I was looking at it and figured I could break it down and use just ONE shelf unit!


So I started my mission!

I emptied the shelves


moved all the toys out of there (Anja crawled up there herself!)

-and do you see her NOT playing with the toys, but with a Wii remote!?

another reason why I wanted to move things around!!


The shelves were pretty firmly on there so I had to borrow a mallet from the garage and before I knew it, Anja was “helping” me too my banging on the shelves!!


Half way broken down!


Then I just put together one half (the half that was wider than the other) and stacked my fabrics on there, Swiffer got his basket at the VERY top!


I swapped the curtain with one that was already hemmed and tugged it behind the shelf a bit AND the big thing was to move the girl’s play kitchen in here!!

It was heavy, but my “trick” was to lay a quilt on the floor next to it, then I flipped the kitchen down onto it’s side onto the quilt and just slid the whole thing into my room, easy peasy!!

Now Swiffer has a platform to jump from and to also!!


I’m very happy how it all looks, we’ll see how long the bottom shelf stays organized as it’s within reach of little hands, but I think she’s old enough to know “NO!”…


What do you think?


Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said...

Oh, it looks great! Could you come to my basement now?

QuiltShopGal said...

Looks great. I also need to clean & organize my sewing room. I'm pretty much living out of boxes right now, but you inspired me to get the shelf unit you have. Thanks. I think it will help. I do miss my IKEA cabinets w/doors, but when we moved they were turned into garage storage units vs sewing room.


Pamela said...

My sewing room is due for a good cleaning out, too. How do they get so disorganized?

Vicki in MN said...

Must have been the day to do some picking up-me too. I finally got done with making snowmen and the last of the candy canes for this year. All the leftover supply went to the basement. Back to making runners now. Your shelf looks great-please tell me that is not 'all' of your fabric?

Nancy said...

You did a great job of making it all look organized. I am actually thinking of writing a weekly post to get me to clean out my area...and it will take more than a few weeks to organize it. But it has to be done. From the comments, I see there are others (not just me) who have organizing to get done. Happy quilting in your room!

tubakk said...

It's looking so good. Much more light into the room too. A great idea to empty all and do it from scratch. I will, I will.

Createology said...

Nicely done and very usable. It is always such a JOY to be organized and have more time to be creative. <3

Pamela Arbour said...

I think you accomplished what you set out to do. It looks very nice and orderly. Now, the trick is, to keep it that way. Let me know how that goes. It seems I mess up my sewing room immediately after cleaning it!

colleen said...

I do like your new arrangement and the girls kitchen I play kitchen with my 4 year old neighbor it is amazing what creative minds the young ones have.
What is out side that window....I just want to peek out
It's so nice you have the children in your room with you

The Joyful Quilter said...

Your space looks SEW much better!! Best of luck with keeping it organized.