Monday, November 27, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 46


3 more blocks to go and we’re DONE!!

here’s block #46

it’s not hard and it looks tricky but it’s not- I promise!!


Since I was using FQs for this QAL and  a bit of matching yardage, I was running low on fabrics toward the end here, but that’s good!

You’ll need 4 fabrics for this block (3 plus white)

and dies #2 and #4

from fabric A and B cut out 2 EACH of shape #2 (I think it’s only the 9” QUBE where this shape is a single on the die, maybe 12” too?) since mine is the 8” QUBE I only covered half the die.

Also cut out 4 of #4 in white and 8 of #4 in fabric C, it’s okay to use a directional fabric for this one.


start sewing the squares into a four patch and also sew whites to the sides of fabric C like this (use the 4 pieces from the same cut out- as you can see the lines are going sideways in two triangles and up and down on two also)


here’s the 4 patch


with the remaining #4 triangles, sew them to the sides of the four patch, here I had the lines of the fabric go vertically


Then following the direction of the fabric, line up two of the triangle units you made before and sew to the sides of the center


then sew the rest of the block together like this


Here’s blocks from last week’s participants

someone new to the group on FB decided to join and is working backwards Smile

45lupebackwards45patty45 hannah45Lorri45Donna

45 michelle

How fun to see all the different versions of the same block!