Monday, November 13, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 44

It’s week 44 and I actually had another block in mind but realized it was sort of a duplicate (hard to keep track of 48 different blocks!!) so I designed another block and also used the most neglected die in the QUBE set (I think)- the parallelogram die!!
Block 44 is a LeMoyne star block
sampler 44b
Don’t worry it’s not hard!
It only uses 2 dies #5 and # 7
2 fabrics plus white.
First cut out 8 of shape #5 and fabric A
Then with the paralellogram die #7 cut out 4 each of white and fabric B
PAY attention to the direction of the fabric (obviously with white it doesn’t matter) but with fabric B you can’t double fold and lay on the die, you have to pick if you want them ALL to be right side up or right side down, I did right side down.
with this block I like to lay all the pieces right side up and the white next to it but make sure it’s opposite of the other paralellogram shape, then sew the #5 triangles to one angled side of the pieces, (so opposite on the white)
Then sew remaining triangles on there but not to create rectangles instead to created larger triangles!
Then sew opposite sets together like this.
I ironed the seams open for the rest of the seams, to reduce bulk on the final block
Then sew the block together like this!
Here’s the blocks from the participants
4342renie43lynne6-84342 shayne43donna43michelle43Lorri
and TAMMY finished a top!! she set it on point! how clever Smile
And here’s one that  Deborah cut out in a week from batiks!!


QuiltShopGal said...

The LeMoyne star block has always been one of my favorites. So happy to see it in your QAL.


dq said...

Tammy's blocks on point are gorgeous!

There are many beautiful pictures of projects in this post. Thanks for sharing.