Friday, November 10, 2017

OBW quilt and more crocheting

My last order with Connecting threads included this neat white floral, I bought 3 yds I think and my idea was either to make a shirt for me or a dress for the girls, then once I got the fabric I thought- I don’t like wearing white shirts as you can often see thru it and white on little girls?? forget it!


PLUS…. there’s been talk online about one block wonder quilts and it’s been a while since I made one! so guess what I did!?


I cut it all up and started making it (now I wish I had cut the strips smaller so there’s more variety, but oh well..



I already started arranging the half hexagons


and as always I start sewing together two by two on the first row, then iron, then put back on the wall, then ironing 4 and 4 and now 2 and 2 on row 2 and continue this way until done!


Here’s the whole middle done!


Then I trimmed it and added a white inner border and I had enough of the yardage to make a border with it too, plus I had a layer of strips leftover that I cut crooked (from a dull blade!) they were around 3” wide, so I put them on the 2 1/2” strip die and cut out 6 binding strips!!


And guess what happened to my embroidery machine??

It broke down AGAIN!! this time it was time to throw in the towel as Dan had taken the machine apart and oiled it, even replaced a belt too and now we needed professional help!

After a while of searching I found a new place in CARY that’s an authorized Brother dealer/repair place called Capital Sew n vac, their name was not on the brother site, but they have several locations and the other locations were, so it’s just because this place is so new (about a month old)

I had called them ahead of time and a “simple” repair/ overhaul is $300 now that we took it in and Dan explained the problem too, the tech thought it might be a main rod that’s down in the bottom and really hard to get to- and more, so… now it’s more like $6-700, but let’s hope it’s not!

we’ll see

So here’s my empty counter and looking at it I figured I’d do some organizing!


So I emptied out a drawer underneath (old CDs for the computer) and put all my stabilizers in there and CDs for the embroidery machine etc. and hung up the hoops on the wall, we’ll see how that works, it’s actually a really strong lithium magnet that I was able to stick on with 3M tape (that removable kind you use around Christmas time) the magnets are not moving it’s just that the hoops aren’t flat on the metal parts, so we’ll see how long it lasts.


I’ve also been keeping up with my crocheting, this is how far I got with one skein of the variegated yarn!


The next skein I wanted to match the color so I found the middle and wound a little ball until I got to the light blue color again.


but now the yarn is in reverse, so I had to then rewind that into another ball…it looks like a lot but it’s really not that bad Smile


Oh, what you sacrifice for your kids!! ha ha


Barb said...

I took my embroidery machine in and it cost me 300...that is a hefty price and then my sewing machine was 250. I could have cried....but gotta have the sewing machine.... Hopefully, it won't be more than the 300...I want to become a machine repair man

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quilting and crocheting was one of my major interests in high school, even attended the training classes for this. these look good from the experience i have.