Monday, October 23, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL Block 41


This is block 41

One that I actually used for a pattern for Accuquilt Smile


For this block you’ll need blocks #4, 5 and 6

and two fabrics plus white

With fabric A cut out 4 of shape #4

then 8 of shape #5 (may have to turn half to get the direction right)

also cut out 12 of shape #5 with fabric B

lastly cut out 1 of shape #6 in white


Start by sewing 4 small HSTs, then add the wings to the flying geese (#4) and start adding small #5 triangles to center white #6 square


Finish the flying geese and keep adding triangles to the center white square


finish the center block


Then add flying geese to two sides of the block and add HSTs to the sides of remaining geese.

Unlike a star block the geese wings would be touching the center, here the large triangle of the geese actually touch the center!) so a completely different look!


here’s the block all done!


Here’s participant blocks from last week

Donna’s #40

40Donna Qube QAL

and Shayne’s

40shayne qal block

Patty caught up with the last 4 blocks


and Hannah did the last 2 blocks

4039 hannah

and here’s all of the 40 blocks together!

40all hannah

Great job everyone!

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