Monday, October 16, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL Block 40


Block 40!


I think it’s called broken dishes. and it uses 1 die!! #4

often I use it for flying geese, but here I’m using it for what it’s meant for- A Quarter Square triangle!

So pick out two fabrics and cut out 8 of each (so 2 layers of each fabric) and directional fabrics will work just fine!


Sew the triangles together.

One tip I found, was that I lay the darker on top of the light and match up all edges, then I start at the tip and sew down (so the right side of the triangle) ending at the bottom right of the block section.


then when you iron toward dark and have to sew the QST block together and place them right sides together, the seams nestle together and you have the darker first on the seam so it’s pushing against each other instead of possibly pulling apart! –hard to explain but try it!!


Here’s the block together


Here’s the participant’s blocks from last week

Donna has really caught up!

39donnaall qube blocks

Renie did the last two blocks

3839renie qal blocks

and Shayne’s fun block with cherries Smile

39shayneQUBE sampler

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Pat A said...

I pulled out my Brackman book, and it is not broken dishes. I have it as number 1195a which has a variety of names. They are big dipper, yankee puzzle, hour glass, envelope quilt, the whirling blade, bow ties, and pork and beans.