Monday, October 9, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 39 and BONUS quilt


Here’s block 39, an EASY one!


You’ll need shape #1, #5 and #8

and two fabrics

I actually flipped the white and colored fabric and I wanted to highlight the direction of the center of the block

Cut out 1 of shape #1 of fabric A

then 4 of shape #5, I cut out a piece and turned it before cutting on the die so the direction of the fabric is correct.

Also cut out 4 of shape #5 of fabric B (white in my case)

and then cut out 4 of shape #8 of fabric B (or white)


make 4 small HST units


Then lay out the block pieces and sew two #8 rectangles to the sides of center block and add the HSTs to sides of remaining rectangles- watching for fabric direction if needed!


Then sew the block together! here’s mine


Do you want ideas for how you should finish the quilt?

I finished ANOTHER quilt, I made this one using the 6” QUBE sets and then a layer cake and started from the beginning and stopped when I ran out of fabrics, which ended up being 25 blocks! Smile

I then found this teal and used white for sashing and skinny inner border and the teal for corner stones and outer border.

I bought more of one of the block fabrics and made backing and binding out of that to finish the quilt.


I quilted a circuit board design all over it


Look how this block turned out, it says “death of me” and the next line says pincushion! ha ha


Here’s blocks from participants last week

this is Hannah’s

38hannah QAL

and Michelle’s


and here’s Shayne’s


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