Friday, October 13, 2017

pink girly quilt with QUBE

I started making this quilt in August and submitted it to a few places for publication but it wasn’t what they were looking for (though someone DID pick another one) so oh well, no big deal.
I still decided to make it with some pink FQs I had and solid white
I cut out the pieces with the 6” QUBE and a large triangle from the 12” QUBE set!
pink girl QUBE quilt1pink girl QUBE quilt2
and I quickly put the blocks together!
pink girl QUBE quilt3pink girl QUBE quilt blocks
Then I was playing around with layout ideas
I picked layout #1 and then added two borders
I actually quilted it soon after I finished the top too, but then it was put aside and I just finished the binding this weekend
pink girl QUBE quilt
I quilted a feather swirl all over, to kind of mimic one of the prints, a design I’ve done many times!
pink girl QUBE quilt long arm quiltingDSCF9052
Along with the QUBE sampler quilt from Monday and two other baby quilts, I had 2 girl and 2 boy quilts and I brought these to church for a lady to bring to a pregnancy support center!

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Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

What an adorable finish. I love all those pinks. The quilting is just perfect for the finished quilt.
Well, you win some, and you lose some. Glad a publisher picked up one of your designs. Happy sewing!